Cultivated in water

Let us tell you more about our unique growing method

Since 2005, Boer Den Hoedt has been using a state-of-the-art growing technique at its nurseries in Ridderkerk. Based on hydroponics, the company cultivates its lettuce in nutrient-rich-water gutters instead of soil.

Environmentally friendly

This cultivation system ensures a clean and green product, and for very good reasons. Because the climatic conditions in the greenhouse are much drier with water cultivation than with soil cultivation, there is also less chance of disease. What’s more, this form of cultivation does not require weed eradication or soil decontamination. Consequently, fewer chemicals are needed.

Consistent high quality

Plants also receive additional lighting in the winter months to ensure growth. Then there is the question of presentation and reliability. The lettuce we deliver comes with its root ball attached. For one thing, the root ball ensures that the lettuce remains fresh and full of vitamins longer—even without refrigeration.

Not only does this ensure that the product stays fresh and crisp longer, but it also makes it look quite decorative in the kitchen. This also means that Boer Den Hoedt can deliver a clean, environmentally friendly and attractive product with a consistent high quality—year round.

From plant to final product

Take a look at some pictures that show how a small plant blossoms into a wonderful product.