Lollo Rossa

Lollo Rossa is originally an Italian lettuce. You can easily identify its remarkably decorative curly green leaves whose outer edges vary from dark-red to purple.
Lollo Rossa has a pleasantly mild taste with a hint of sweetness and is exactly what is needed to lift a common-looking salad to new heights.

Cleaning and storing

This type of lettuce is best stored in an unsealed bag in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator. You can leave the leaves whole or tear them into smaller pieces (never cut the leaves). In this way your lettuce will stay nice and fresh longer.

Preparation and Applications

Its delicious taste and wonderful texture makes Lollo Rossa lettuce a great accompaniment to such dishes as fried, grilled or roasted meat or fish. In addition, the attractive red Lollo Rossa is widely used in various types of mixed salads or to garnish a dish.


Year round as cut crop or as root ball lettuce.

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Lollo Rossa should be dried in a salad spinner after washing to prevent bruising the leaves.

Nutritional values

Per 100 gram Raw
Energy 7 kcal
Protein 1,3 g
Iron 0,6 mg
Carbohydrates 0,4 g
Calcium 39 mg
Vitamin C