Oak Leaf

Oak Leaf

Oak Leaf is immediately recognisable by the distinctive shape of its leaves that resemble the American oak (hence the name), and the way they bunch together. This makes their presentation more attractive than your traditional lettuce. In additional, as you’ll discover, Oak Leaf lettuce is crunchy and comes with a spicy and slightly nutty flavour.

Oak Leaf is just what consumer are looking for as they increasing demand a more exotic lettuce with added colour, taste and texture.

Cleaning and storing

The base should be removed by carefully rotating it until it drops off. This will also release the leaves.

Preparation and Applications

This type of lettuce is mostly eaten raw and often combined with other varieties.
In fact, because of its distinctive taste and decorative appearance, Oak Leaf is often used to enhance the flavour and presentation of mixed salads.


Year round as cut crop or as root ball lettuce.

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Oak Leaf goes well with mashed potato and fried bacon.

Nutritional values

Per 100 gram Raw
Protein 12 Kcal
Iron 0,4 mg
Carbohydrates 1 g
Sodium 15 mg
Calcium 30 mg
Vitamin C 10 mg