LED system

Boer Den Hoedt has been completely transformed this year with the slaughter of LED. From 2009 we first used the first generation LED luminaires of Lemnis Oreon
5000 m² slate. In 2013, the 9,000 m² new building was provided with Lemnis Oreon’s Grow Light 2.0 and recently, the last part of the Son-t lamps has been replaced by the latest generation LED, the Grow Light 2.1 with a power of 600 watts. The installation has been completely taken care of by our house technician PB Techniek.

The Grow Light 2.1 is a waterproof luminaire that delivers more micromol per joule than existing Son-t lamps. The lamps are actively cooled with water and their heat is returned to the greenhouse via a heat pump and air latches. This results in an energy saving of 50%. This also means that the lettuce is grown much more environmentally friendly. Due to the water cooling, the luminaire is much more compact, it has more light output, lasts longer and reduces shade as the sun shines.
Due to the fact that the Grow Light 2.1 lamps produce almost no radiant heat, the lettuce has virtually no edge formation. As a result, better quality lettuce can be harvested in a more efficient way.
Also, the light pollution of the Grow Light 2.1 lamps is minimal relative to the Son-t lamps.

Due to the years of experience in slaughtering using LED lighting, this has led us to the following. The growth process has been optimized so that the lettuce can be harvested earlier. This means that more revenue can be realized per m². The quality of lettuce has become better so that less labor is needed. The lettuce is more compact, the leaf is firmer and prettier and the lettuce is longer lasting!