Why root ball lettuce?

Why is root ball lettuce so special?

For one thing, the root ball ensures that the lettuce remains fresh and full of vitamins longer, even if not refrigerated.

But there are other benefits. Root ball lettuce looks quite decorative on the kitchen counter. Furthermore, it is easier to use, and is safer and healthier because it is naturally grown and contains less pesticides.

What is root ball lettuce?

Let us start by saying that root ball lettuce is not a type of lettuce. It is, in fact, any lettuce that still has its root ball—the clump of soil containing its network of roots—attached to it.

How is root ball lettuce grown?

Our lettuce is cultivated in nutrient-rich-water gutters in a greenhouse. Because it is planted quite young, the lettuce develops strong roots in the surrounding soil. And like ‘normal’ lettuce, root ball lettuce can be grown year round.

Root ball lettuce